Patrick Tebbe Ph.D
Saeed Moaveni Ph.D
Louis Schwartzkopf Ph.D
Joseph Dobmeier
Matthew Simones
Joseph Gehrke
Adam Himmer
Michael Kiefer
Joshua Braband
Arbin Timilsina
Brad Wiyninger
Mohsin Kamal


Technical Description
State of Minnesota Final Report
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wall aveda precinct

A study of unglazed transpired solar collectors (referred to as solar walls for this work), has been undertaken. Several installations in the Twin Cities, MN region have been identified, researched, and studied. A combination of weather stations, data logging systems, and building energy management systems were used to collect experimental data on four buildings. Performance calculations were then performed for these buildings and compared with various performance/modeling tools.

This work was conducted by Minnesota State University, Mankato through award number B16337 from the Minnesota Department of Commerce - Office of Energy Security.

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