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Suzanne L. Bunkers

Distinguished Faculty Scholar

and Professor of English 

Welcome to my web pages, most recently updated on 10 April 2011

To contact me, visit my Facebook site and/or email me @ Suzanne Bunkers

We had a fine trip to Germany  Contact Dr. Joseph Kunkel if you are interested in going on the 2012 trip.

Diaries of Girls and Women: a Midwestern American Sampler (472 pages) is being published in electronic format by the University of Wisconsin Press.  For information: click on: Diaries of Girls and Women  and on book's Introduction  


 My work of creative nonfiction, In Search of Susanna (270 pages), published by the University of Iowa Press), is available in print and electronic formats. Click on book title above for details.





Since 1980, I have been doing research on women's writing and diaries, survivors' literature, autobiography, memoir, literary theory, and American literature. Now I am preparing for new and exciting adventures!


En route to Lake Como
Photo credit: Joe Kunkel

To learn more about my professional career, please click on
"My Scholarly Journey"--a personal essay.

Minnesota State University Home page

Interview with Suzanne Bunkers, Iowa State Alumna  Link to Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Magazine.

 MSU Distinguished Faculty Scholars--A Celebration of Scholarship


 Suzanne Bunkers, David Dickau, and James Robertson have been named MSU's first Distinguished Faculty Scholars.

Luxembourg Links:

Ch. 1 of Good Earth, Black Soil (published in 1981) 

Luxembourg: The Grand Duchy (2005) pdf (large file)

Click to read my essay, "Reflections of Luxembourg in the Midwestern U.S."


Above:  my favorite photograph of the ruins of the Roman Forum, taken after walking through the ruins on that trip. (Photo by Suzanne Bunkers)





Sister Merici Oehrlein

Sister Merici Oehrlein, OSF.  Sr. Merici was my English and Latin teacher at Spalding High School in Granville, IA.  If you were also Sister Merici's student, you can write to her c/o the OSF Motherhouse in Dubuque IA. Click on OSF Motherhouse











 If you would like to read my essay about Luxembourgers' immigration to the United States, click on this link:  Luxembourg 


The Wisdom of Prevention

Deal with the difficult,
While it is still easy.
Solve large problems
When they are still small.
Preventing large problems
By taking small steps
Is easier than solving them.
Therefore, the Tao person
Anticipates and lives wisely.
By small actions
Accomplishing great things.
-- Tao 67



Make a virtual visit to Granville, Iowa

The Home of Black Soil

Fact Sheet:  Granville, Iowa

Tombstones in St. Joseph Cemetery in Granville


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Some years ago, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg commissioned a sculpture that stands outside the United Nations Building in New York City.  The purpose of the sculpture is to promote world peace.   In 1994, Suzanne and Rachel Bunkers visited the United Nations and saw the "No War" sculpture.