Course ID:                   000441


Mgmt 480 01               Human Behavior in Organization                                                       

Instructor:                   Professor Howard Miller, Ph.D.

Class Location:           Morris 102

Time:                          Monday evenings 6-8:45 pm,  January 10 through May 2, 2011


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Course Description


The College of Business website describes this course as follows:


“Management 480 (3 credit) Human Behavior in Organizations - Concepts, theories, and empirical research on organizational behavior are studied. Models and tools for diagnosing situations, individual behavior, group behavior, intergroup conflicts, supervisory problems and organizational change are analyzed.”


Put differently, we focus on the human side of enterprise, seeking to understand and influence peoples’ conduct in formal organizations to accomplish organizational goals.  Individual qualities (abilities, personality, motivation, learning) and interpersonal qualities (leadership, group dynamics and team work, organization structure and processes) are core topics.  When a student completes this course s/he should be able to:


-          understand practical ways of describing individual differences

-          identify leadership models appropriate for difference settings

-          improve written and oral professional communication skills

-          sharpen critical thinking skills involving organized human interaction at work


Required Text


McShane, Steven., Von Glinow, Mary Ann  (2010) Organizational Behavior. (5th Ed.) New York, N.Y.; McGraw-Hill/Irwin.   ISBN 978-0-07-338123-7 - used is fine.  There is an even less expensive version available on-line.


The COB computer notebook is required for this class.


Course Requirements


You have responsibilities in four areas:


1. Attend class, listen actively, keep personal notes. 

2. Homework. Read the assignments; think about them.

3. Exams. Complete three hourly exams, when administered. 

4. Find a book about the human experience at work.  Read it.   Write a "critical" book review about it.   Approximately 10 page paper, printed submission only.





Course grade will be determined from your total points on the three tests and the book review, which counts as a fourth exam.  Attendance and attitude may play a role if indicated.


Instructor Info


Howard E. Miller, Ph.D.

Professor of Management

256 Morris Hall, MnSU, Mankato