Unidentified Female Found May 30, 1980

Near Blue Earth, Minnesota














The following names and links are a collection of missing persons cases that, based on the information contained within that particular posting, flyer, or web page, could not be definitively ruled out as a possible match for our Blue Earth Jane Doe. They are in alphabetical order, and although some are clearly better possibilities than others, I felt it was imperative not to exclude any case that I found that may even have the smallest possibility of being Jane Doe. I also did not exclude cases based merely on height, weight, age, or hair color because I found this data to often be an estimation or may have changed between the time of disappearance and time of Jane's discovery. In addition you may see cases where the date "reported missing" or the date "last seen" does not specifically coincide with Jane Doe's discovery and may appear to rule out the possible match. Depending on the particular source of data, case details, etc, I sometimes made the decision to keep these cases as possibilities because in my research I have found that often the date "reported missing" and the date "last seen" are frequently confused and/or may be incorrect, or based on recollection. Please always consider the possibility that a "date reported missing" may not mean "date last seen"  and vice versa. There could be as much as "years" in between.  Any notes regarding DNA comparisons done with Jane Doe's DNA may no longer be valid and should be reconsidered pending the new tests once they have been completed!

My heart aches with the knowledge that I may have looked right at Jane Doe and clicked to the next page, simply because a particular piece of data was incorrect or I interpreted it incorrectly. (This page is updated on an ongoing basis)


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  Missing February 7, 1977 Akers, Tammy Lynn
  Last seen  February 21, 1976 Amico, Laurie Jean
  Missing March 10, 1977 Ann Hayes, Margaret Ann
  Missing October 29, 1979 Bailey, Andria Ann  
  Last seen November 10, 1975 Berry, Phyllis Eleanor AKA: Phyllis Benny, Phyllis Ecklison
NEW (11/13) Missing July 27, 1973 Bickwit, Bonita Mara
New (11/14) Missing May 5, 1974 Amy Billig (Sometimes misspelled as Amy Billing)
  Missing March 27, 1973 Blankinship, Althea Dayle
  Missing November 21, 1979 Blee, Marie 
  Missing December 5, 1979 Bockwith, Barbara Ann Also on list received from Florida State LE
  Missing November 6, 1979 Boisvert , Danielle 
  Missing February 2, 1980 Booth, Kristy Lynn
  Missing October 10, 1979 Borden, Lisa Jane
  Missing May 21, 1980 Boyer, Jackie Kay
NEW (11/13) Missing July 29, 1980 Brown, Cindy Missing from Roseville, MN. Not possible if date missing is correct.
NEW (11/13) Missing April 6, 1977 Brown, Judith
  Missing August 22, 1978 Bruszer, Marilee Lee
NEW (11/13) Missing August 11, 1973 Buck, Rosemary E. Hamilton
  Missing January 1, 1973 Burrows, Pamela
  Missing June 26, 1978 Butler, Sandra Kaye
  Missing November 1, 1979 Byers, Teresa Marie
  Missing May 1, 1978 Byron, Elizabeth Mary
  Missing August 26, 1978 Byron, Wendy Susan
  Missing February 23, 1978 Chamberlin, Benita Gay Although Jane doe was found in 1980, Benita's teeth are very similar in appearance and if you believe Nelson, he mentions Oregon, also where Benita was from. 
NEW (1/15) Missing January 19, 1970 Coon, Cynthia
  Missing August 12, 1980 Corley, Carla Rebecca
  Missing March 1, 1980 Coronado, Lana T.
  Missing April 11, 1981 Cotton, Barbara Louise Not certain if date represents "Date Last Seen" or "Date Reported Missing"
  Missing December 18, 1979 Coultas, Donella Jean
  Missing December 19, 1978 Coyle, Andrea Jean  
  Missing September 4, 1979 Creech, Melinda 
  Missing March 1980 Crowley , Brenda 
NEW (11/13) Missing May 7, 1974 Cuccia, Valerie Lorraine
  Missing Sometime in 1975 Cupps, Teresa  Teresa has been ruled out by Lt. Kindey based on a fingerprint comparison in early 2005. 
  Missing September 1979 Davis-Herron, Pinkie Mae  
  Missing October 3, 1979 DeQuina, Susan M.  
  Missing September 8, 1977 Dodd, Margret 
  Missing October 20, 1980 Donn, Carol Elaine Unlikely if date of disappearance is correct,Also on list received from Florida State LE.
  Missing February 9, 1980 Dorfman, Denise  Contacted SFPD 7/22/09, Det. Ambrose, awaiting comparison.
  Missing December, 1978 Drover, Sharon 
  Missing April 1979 Dunn, Rebecca Jean
  Missing July 30, 1979 Dye, Diane Genice One of Dye's friends reportedly saw her in December 1981, two and a half years after her disappearance, at a shopping mall 50 miles from San Jose. Dye told her friend she did not want to go home and did not want anyone to know where she was. She has never been heard from again. If this is accurate she can be ruled out.
  Missing April 15, 1978 Ellinwood, Ann Marie Ellinwood, Ann Marie
  Last seen  June 6, 1980 England, Beverly  (Last Seen Date is after Jane Doe was found, however I have included her in the event this date is an approximation.)
  Missing May 14, 1980 Evan, Karen Dean
  Missing April 16, 1978 Fisher, Joyce Alice
  Reported Missing August 1978 Fisher, Sandra Flynn
  Missing August 1, 1975 Fittin, Teresa Lyn Also on list received from Florida State LE.
  Missing December 3, 1980 Gaisior, Patsy Arlene Unlikely, but doesn't actually specify date last seen
  Missing March 22, 1980 Garden, Rachael Elizabeth
  Found  Missing since April 03,1980: FOUND Gastelle, Cynthia Joan FOUND: Remains of Cynthia Gastelle of Takoma Park identified 32 years after her disappearance
  Missing June 22, 1979 Gilliam, Adrianne 
  Missing December 26, 1979 Gomez , Patricia E.
  Missing 1979 from Queretaro, Mexico Gonzalez Castillo, Monica 
  Missing September 3, 1974 Gooding, Cynthia Robin Also on list received from Florida State LE.
  Missing May 14, 1976 (or possibly after) Greenman, Cherry  **UPDATE 03/01/2009** Authorities have ruled out Cherry based on prints and DNA on Feb.25,2009.
  Missing October 21, 1977 Gregor, Ranee Ann
  Missing  February 18, 1978 Gregory, Mary Frances She is believed to have departed Canada by motor vehicle with a male acquaintance who states that he let her off at a bus station in Las Vegas, Nevada some ten days after leaving Canada. The driver claims to have driven to Nevada via the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.
  Missing December 7, 1971 Grisim, Jamie 
  Last seen  August 24, 1979 Halford, Norma 
  Missing July 8, 1979 Hall, Andrea Joy
  Missing March 1, 1979 Han Johnson, Tok Sun Han  
  Missing November 3, 1980 Haumann, Cindy L. Unlikely if date of disappearance is correct
  Missing March 10, 1977 Hayes, Margaret Ann
  Missing March 9, 1979 Herbster, Lorraine Rea
  Missing August 26, 1976 Hernandez, Cynthia May  
  Missing August 04 1977 Holst, Margaret Kay
  Missing July 15, 1978 Houghland, Norma   
NEW (11/13) Missing July 20, 1977 Jason, Nancy Lynn  
  Last seen Last seen in 1980 Jaster, Paulette Susan **UPDATE 02/17/14** Paulette has been identified as the victim of a hit and run in Texas that occurred shortly after her disappearance. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Paulette, you will never be forgotten.
  Missing August 30, 1978 Joyce, Marcia Lynn
  Missing January 1, 1980 Kahler, Kimberly Ann
  Missing February 3, 1979 Kemp, Tina Faye  
  Missing May 4, 1979 Kidwell, Debra Lynn
  Missing September 16, 1979 King, Kimberly Alice
  Last seen  June 23, 1976 Kinney, Cynthia 
  Missing April 21, 1976 Kirpatrick, Nancy Lynn
  Missing January 1,1971 Kramer, Janet Missing from Willmar, MN
  Missing October 17, 1979 Lambert, Lisa 
  Missing February 1974 Lamberton, Vicke Lee
  Missing September 29, 1975 Landrum, Cassandra Nadine She appears to look very much like the drawing of Jane Doe. 
New (1/15) Last Seen June 27, 1974 Lovell, Lee Linda (Was hitchiking with Stephen Lock Packard)
Last Seen January 1, 1976*** Lozano-Rodriguez, Beatrice  (***Date may be inaccurate, see details in link)
New 02/15 Missing July 19, 1971 Lulloff, Kathy Anne  
  Missing August 30, 1979 Luscier, Elsie Eldora  
New (11/13) Missing September 6, 1975 Lwowski, Sylvia Alice  
  Missing October 14, 1979 Martinez, Vicki 
  Missing May 24, 1978 Martins, Judy   
  Reported Missing  April 03,1980 McCall, Deborah A. Ruled Out: According to Magdalin Murray, Investigations Specialist, of Downers Grove Police Department, in 2010 Deborah's DNA was compared to Jane Doe's and found NOT to be a match.
  Missing November 2, 1978 McClure, Barbara Annette  
  Missing July 7, 1979 Meeker, Angela Mae
NEW (11/13) Missing March 11, 1977 Meier, Michelle Elaine Sent to Faribault County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Adams on 11/14/2013. He stated he would see if she had been looked at or not. Awaiting response.
  Missing August 7, 1979 Meyer, Irin Marie According to family she went missing from Harris Beach State Park on July 20, 1979. Her car was found at Gold Beach on July 30, with newly purchased groceries, including cat food, for her beloved cat. The cat was subsequently found zipped inside her tent at Harris Beach SP, nearly starved to death. She would never have left her cat behind. The Curry County Sheriff at the time theorized that maybe she had fallen off a cliff. All that was missing when her car was found was her purse. Source: officialcoldcaseinvestigations.com/showthread.php?t=3228 
  Missing June 9, 1978 Minchaca, Connie Gail
  Missing August 23, 1978 Monaco, Barbara Jean   
  Missing April 21, 1979 Montgrand, Myrna 
  Missing May 11, 1979 Moreno, Sophia Felicita
  Missing July 12, 1977 Moser lacovone, Cheryl Ann
  Missing July 8, 1979 Mulcahy, Michelle Meredith
  Missing July 15, 1977 Nerenberg, Audrey Lyn Unlikely as Audrey is listed as having a slight gap between her front teeth and our Jane Doe's dental x-rays show no evidence of a gap. 
  Last seen  August 16, 1974 O'Dell, Nadine 
  Missing April 20, 1979 O'Neil Anderson, Katherine 
  Missing September 2, 1976  Otto, Patricia Lee Unlikely, Husband suspected, but nothing definitive.
  Missing August 29, 1978 Priddy, Wanda Lee Ann
  Missing April 27, 1980 Rahn, Laureen Ann
  Missing May 23, 1980 Rains, Theresa Louise It has been suggested her face shape is not a match. No further checking has been done, to my knowledge.
  Missing June 21, 1977 Ramsey, Angela Sigrid Also on list received from Florida State LE
  Missing November 9, 1979 Reedy, Juanita  Possibly to old?
  Missing September 2, 1977 Ridinger, Simone Stephanie
  Missing August 13, 1976 Roberts, Carol  Also on list received from Florida State LE.
  Missing May 27, 1979 Robertson, Elaine Marie  
  Missing May 22, 1979 Runte, Catherine A.  
  Missing August 30, 1979 Sanchez, Carlota Marie  
  Missing June 24, 1979 Schaefer, Lucinda Lynn
  Missing June 29, 1979 Schaper, Gayla Christine
  Missing April 17, 1979 Scherer, Cheryl Ann
  Missing December 1, 1978 ** Schultz, Suzanne Marie Two agencies have been contacted as well as her DNA is now in CODIS. If CODIS works then she is not a match for our Jane Doe.
Circa 1980 Scirma, Jeanne Marie
  Reported Missing  June 15, 1977 Segall, Eddy 
  Missing June 26, 1979 Shoe, Agnes C.  
  Missing June 5, 1974 Sjoberg, Catherine Lynne
  Missing July 10, 1979 Staal,Shannon Eileen Ruled out, based on that Shannon is listed as having a full dental plate and our Jane Doe did not.
  Reported Missing April 01,1978 Sumpter, Deloris D. Both the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Faribault County Sheriff's Department have been notified of the possibility of a match. (May 1, 2012) Awaiting a response as of early May, 2012.
New (Added 11/13) Missing August 1, 1979 Surdam, Tammy R. If anyone has more information on this case please let us know at jdanderson@bevcomm.net! We couldn't find anything but this one mention of her on the Missouri DPS site. (You will need to scroll down on the page to find her name.)
  Missing January 24, 1977 Sylvester, Judy Ann March 2011 - Detective Murphy from Virginia contacted me and had a DNA comparison done and the FBI confirmed Judy was NOT a match.
  Missing September 24, 1973 Tillinghast, Sheryl 
  Last Seen  June 15, 1974 VanLith, Belinda Missing from Little Eagle Lake MN
  Last Seen  April 3, 1976 Vermaas, Wilma Rae
  Missing January 7, 1978 Waltz, Marilyn Denice  
  Missing June 24, 1978 Wears Pierce, Sheila Gail Wears  
  Missing March 15, 1979 Webb-Vaul, Arrilla Naomi
NEW (11/13) Missing August 18, 1971 Wesolowski, Mary Anne
  Missing April 28, 1979 White, Christina Lee  
NEW (1/15) Missing July 17, 1972 Wilcox, Kathy
  Missing December 7, 1978 Williams, Joanne 
  Reported Missing  March 21, 1979 Winegar, Selinda "Cindy" Jean
  Missing February 1, 1979 Woolard, Cynthia Campbell  
  Missing June 28, 1980 Wyant, Jennifer Wyant Unlikely if date of disappearance is correct
  Missing May 1, 1978 Wyant, Cheryl Schille  
  Missing April 18, 1976 Zane, April Rose
  Missing October 11, 1976 Zapata, Jeanette (Jean)
  Missing October 23, 1979 Zendrosky, Karen Lynn